• Don Briggs Testifies Before Louisiana Tax Commission - Part 2 - Q & A

    On January 7th 2013, Assessor Gravelot of Plaquemines Parish provided written comments effectively challenging a portion of the 2013 LTC Rules for Ad Valorem valuation. This is the second video of LOGA President Don Briggs testifying before the Tax Commission on the issue challenged by Assessor Gravolet. In this part, Don Briggs answers questions from members of the tax commission. The full hearing can be viewed online here.

    Excerpt from the comments presented by Assessor Gravolet. We write to present the Louisiana Tax Commission with Assessor Gravolet's written comments regarding proposed rule §907 C.4 for the 2013 ad valorem tax year, as published in the December 20, 2012 Louisiana Register. Assessor Gravolet presents these written comments and requests an opportunity for oral presentation regarding these written comments pursuant to La. Rev. Stats. §49:953(A)(2)(a). · Assessor Gravolet further requests that the Commission issue a response to his written comments and oral presentation as required by La. Rev. Stats. §49:953(A)(2)(b )(ii).

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